Краткая история булгар //Вестник Томского государственного университета. № 395. 2015: 116-122.

На основе древних и средневековых источников прослеживается хронография истории булгар. Первое упоминание об этом племени относится к I в. (а не к IV в., как отмечается в научной литературе). Рассматриваются генетическая связь булгар с казанскими татарами и отсутствие таковой с савирами.


Краткая история булгар  

A comparative study of the history and culture of Bulgars [Proto-Bulgars] and Kazan [Qazan] Tatars leads the researchers to a finding of their genetic affinity. The central role in the development of the Volga Tatars as an ethnos was shown by cultural traditions of Bulgars which continued and developed in the culture of Kazan Tatars. It was the tribes of the Volga Bulgaria, first and foremost Bulgars, who composed the bulk of the Tatar nation. It was the national masses, rather than the tribal helm linked to the Golden Horde, which should be borne in mind when talking about the history of the Volga Tatars. The author emphasizes once again that one should distinguish the two notions, i.e. “Bulgars” and “Suvars” [Suwars], and not hyphenate them: “Bulgar-Suvars” or “Bulgars-Suvars”. There is no separate tribe of “Bulgar-Suvars” or “Bulgars-Suvars”. One should only talk about the tribe of Suvars in a specific meaning. It is possible to write “Suvars residing in Bulgaria”. Bulgars and Suvars, as well as Bulgars and the Chuvash, are distinguishable and quite independent, whatever close relatives to each other they could be. The researchers, when they cannot identify the ancestors of the Chuvash, resort to a “trick” and write “Bulgars-Suvars”. It looks like they “insure” themselves and point to the both tribes as ancestors to be on the safe side. They say, let the reader choose according to their “taste”. However, this has nothing to do with a scientific study. At the same time, the research into the history of the state of Volga Bulgaria clearly classifies Bulgars as vagrant cattle breeders, while Suvars are classified as skillful sons of soil. As seen, the time of the first mentioning of Bulgaria is not 354, but late second – early third centuries, not in the Western Fore-Caucasus, but in the South-West Region of Greater Armenia. As the sources evidence, Bulgars appeared to be the basic component of the Kazan Tatars’ development. By virtue of the above facts, Bulgars could not be ancestors of the Chuvash.